Replacing Your Ash Tree

Move over Maples! When replacing a tree, many folks immediately look to maples. They can be quite hardy, self-reliant, and fastgrowing. But, here in Illinois, we are at risk of creating a maple monoculture, and that can be dangerous. If an insect or disease comes along that wipes out maples, we’ll have no trees left! […]

Tips for Renovating Roses After the Polar Vortex!

Frozen Roses If your roses are like mine, they sure took a beating this past winter. How can you revitalize them? If you haven’t already, remove last fall’s protection (e.g. rake extra soil/mulch, remove debris/leaves, etc). Prune, prune, prune…before the leaf buds open or after all the buds have flowered. Be sure to use […]

Minimizing Pollen in Your Garden!

Simple Tips for Lessening Pollen in the Garden At least we can make sure our own backyards are helping, not making matters worse. Here are a few tips to de-allergy your garden. Girls are Better than Boys! Urban landscapers choose male trees because they don’t mess up the ground with seeds and fruit. But, […]

Selecting the Tastiest Tomato Performers for your Garden!

To me, one of the best things about summer is fresh, homegrown tomatoes. Read on for our tomato picks and tips. You Say Tomato Who doesn’t love tomatoes? Easy to grow, taste great, and can be used in a million different recipes. My top tomatoes: Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes – like candy from the garden. […]

Dazzle your Surroundings with Tropical Plants – starting now!

Jump starting the Summer Garden Now! You can easily add these exotics to your surroundings by simply planting the tubers or rhizomes in a soilless mix in your favorite plant pot with drainage holes at the bottom. Add the soil, the rhizomes or tubers, water thoroughly, and place in a warm, 75 to 80 F […]

Cold Hardy Plants for Your Garden!

Cold Hardy Plants Cold Hardy Plants A plant’s hardiness describes how cold the temperatures can get before the plant suffers severe damage or even dies. The United States Department of Agriculture developed Plant Hardiness Zones and created a plant hardiness map. It indicates the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are […]

Quick Tips for Saving Time, Effort, and Money in the Garden

Five Reasons to Take Cover Have a spot where grass won’t grow or is hard to maintain? Tired of paying for mulch every year? Living groundcovers are as brawny as they are beautiful. And now is the best time of year to plant them. Need another reason? Here are five! Very low maintenance. Many varieties […]

Adding Curb Appeal to your Home!

How to Make a Good First Impression It’s said that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are selling your home, this is especially important. In fact, the National Association of Realtors attests that curb appeal is so powerful, it accounts for 49 percent of all house sales! Go Bold. […]

News from Rainbow Garden Designs

Colorful Indoor Plants Add a splash of the tropics to your home or office with a Bromeliad! Bromeliads are inexpensive, easy to grow, require very little care, and reward the grower with brilliant, long lasting blooms and ornamental foliage. They come in a wide range of sizes from tiny miniatures to giants. They can be […]

RGD Volume 4 Issue 3

Brighten up your landscape with… …cold tolerant colorful Pansies! Add a splash of color to your landscape and bring the life back to your yard after a long, cold winter! Pansies thrive in cool temperatures. Plant them in your containers and in your annual garden beds. They come in colors that are perfect for spring… […]