About Us

Rainbow Garden Designs is a landscape design firm founded in 2002. We work with clients to beautify their landscapes and businesses with lush, hardy, hassle-free plants. The result… gorgeous new views and increased property values… without all the work!

amy rgd picNew Owner, Amy Hannon is known for consistently creating high-impact, environmentally-friendly landscape designs that surpass clients’ expectations. “We save clients’ money by selecting hardy plants which offer a long-bloom season, and multiple seasons of interest all at competitive prices!”

Sophisticated creativity, extensive experience, and a deep commitment to customer service have positioned Rainbow Garden Designs as one of Chicagoland’s premier landscape designers. Imagine the rainbows we can create in your garden!

“For those of you that remember Sandy I am honored and excited to take the helm at Rainbow Garden Designs. Sandy Remijas is a good friend and colleague, and over the years, she and I have collaborated on many garden design projects. We share a similar aesthetic and deep commitment to creating gorgeous plans that are hassle-free to maintain and that provide constant, ever-changing visual interest. So, when she decided to move to Michigan to focus on new pursuits, she wanted someone she knew and trusted to take over her beloved business. I’ve been yearning to launch my own landscape design company for some time and the opportunity couldn’t be more perfect.”

“Sandy and I share the same perfectionist work ethic and I promise to deliver the same attentive and gracious service you’ve come to expect from Rainbow Garden Designs. What’s more, I have expanded geographically into the Naperville and surrounding areas.”