Worms…Your Soil's Savior

What a winter! Or should I say lack of one? Our mild temperatures meant spring is off to an early start with no frost in the ground! Cleaning up around my garden yesterday morning, I was delighted to see my worms out and about. Yes, I adore worms. While they may seem slimy and gross […]

Prepping for the Dandelion Battle

You’ve probably already noticed… it’s dandelion time! Because of the warmer weather, they’ve sprouted a little early. And these hardy guys bounced back just fine after our April frosts, thank you very much. Dandelion flowers primarily blossom in April and May, but sometimes appear as early as February and as late as June. Plants generally […]

Bee Friendly!

As you know, our cherished pollinators are in serious decline. Without them, most of the region’s agriculture you know, the food we eat, many of the clothes we wear is threatened! One of my clients recently hired us to create a garden specifically designed to attract bees. I know what you’re thinking… but what about […]

Helpful Tips For Achieving a Thick and Healthy Lawn

We all want a lush, thick, green lawn, however, is power raking the dead grass and thatch from our lawns a sound practice? Maybe you’ve been hearing about power-raking as a good way to revitalize your lawn, loosening excess thatch. Thatch, you may know, is the darkbrown material found at the base of the grass […]

Rainbow Garden Designs Receives 2014 Constant Contact All Star Award

Recognized for achievements using online marketing tools to drive success RAINBOW GARDEN DESIGNS, IL — 02.09.2015 – Rainbow Garden Designs, a landscape design company, a provider residential and commercial landscape designs, has been named a 2014 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than 600,000 small organizations worldwide. […]

The Benefits of Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden

With spring in the air, now is a good time for us to sit down to talk about the birds and the bees. Pollinators are important! Bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies, and birds are essential to agriculture. Because of disease and our increased use of herbicides and pesticides, farmers are experiencing reduced crop yields which in turn […]

Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Spurn the Burn Last year, I noticed evergreens from all over that suffered winter burn or winter killevergreen leaves that turn brown or die following a cold and windy winter. The cause? Those wicked winter winds dehydrate plant tissue. The good news is winter burn often can be prevented, or at least, its severity can […]

Mouth Watering Beefsteak Tomatoes Start Now!

With a chill in the air and snow on the ground, I know it seems distant…but imagine for a moment, your fruit and vegetable garden bursting with seasonal delights. The scent of fresh basil, the taste of your homegrown tomatoes. Now is the perfect time to start selecting seeds! Personally, I love planting heirlooms. In […]

Part II: Key Components to Adding Drama in the Landscape

Adding a Meditative Effect to the Landscape with Fire! In addition to these metaphysical benefits, fire can be practical too. Adding it to the garden extends your season of outdoor enjoyment! It warms up a cool evening, adds natural illumination, keeps critters at bay, and is a handy outdoor cooking source. What are you waiting […]

Improve Health While Reducing Fatigue and Stress With Indoor Plants!

When garden design is done well, the world outside your window is colorful and interesting even in February! At Rainbow Garden Designs, one of our particular strengths is working with clients to create year­round, four­season interest. Now is the perfect time to start thinking of ways to add multi­sensory appeal to your outdoor landscape.