Bee Friendly!

As you know, our cherished pollinators are in serious decline. Without them, most of the region’s agriculture you know, the food we eat, many of the clothes we wear is threatened! One of my clients recently hired us to create a garden specifically designed to attract bees. I know what you’re thinking… but what about my outdoor entertaining? We have small children. I don’t want to get stung! Honest to goodness, when you provide bees with nectar and water sources, they are very content to leave you alone. In fact they prefer it. Still skittish? Establish your pollination station in a corner of your garden away from where you plan to relax and entertain.



Bee gardens are a win-win. First, you make the bees happy. And, because many of the plants to which they are drawn are vibrantly hued (e.g. dwarf purple aster) and fragrant (e.g. sweet alyssum), your garden becomes a kaleidoscope of color and perfume! From a few square feet to your whole yard, let us put together the plan that makes sense for you and our pollinator pals. We promise it’ll be the bee’s knees!

Weed Whack!

grass-killerAsk any gardener, what is the biggest drawback? WEEDING! We have a few great suggestions for how to suppress weeds efficiently and without toxic chemicals.

* My favorite product is EcoSmart. It’s organic, works well and doesn’t harm the environment, animals, or children.

* In turf areas, cut grass no lower than 3″ and reseed bare or thin areas to prevent weed seeds from germinating.

* Planting a veggie garden? We recommend mulching with “pine fines” (finely shredded pine bark) available at most garden centers. They help balance the soil pH, suppress weed growth, and reserve soil moisture.