Cold Hardy Plants for Your Garden!

Cold Hardy Plants

Cold Hardy Plants A plant’s hardiness describes how cold the temperatures can get before the plant suffers severe damage or even dies. The United States Department of Agriculture developed Plant Hardiness Zones and created a plant hardiness map. It indicates the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a given location.

Here are some examples of cold hardy plants thriving in our area:

shade-perennialAstilbe is a great plant for the shady perennial garden and is hardy to Zone 3.

Hardiness is the first criteria considered, followed by cultural requirements, how many seasons of interest the plant will provide, how long it provides color, the level of maintenance required, and finally availability. A lot of thought and research goes into every plant selected.

Hardy Shrub

Hardy Shrub

This Blue-Muffin Viburnum shrub is hardy to Zone 3. It attracts birds and butterflies, is deer resistant, and provides fabulous fall color and winter interest.

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Announcement 2014 ILCA State Champion Landscape Design Contest

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