Colorful Plants to Make Mom Smile

Mother Nature’s Gift to Mom


For indoor blooms, I really like bromeliads. They stay vibrant for two to three months, and deliver a bit of the tropics to her living room. For the garden, I adore shrub roses for nonstop color all summer long!

Three reasons this plant is perfect for Mom:

  1. Gorgeous color from June through fall.
  2. Shrub roses are disease resistant therefore don’t require sprays or powders.
  3. They are hardy and can stand up to our cold Chicago winters.

In fact, I received my first shrub rose from my children many years ago, and it continues to flourish today!

Perennial Annuals

perrenialLove the lavish color of annuals, but loathe spending money on plants that last only a season? Maybe you’ve heard about annuals that re-seed themselves and are eager to find out which would work best in your garden.

So, how does it work? How can an annual reappear every year? These beauties just don’t want to leave the party! They flower, and then the seeds of these re-seeding annuals (aka “self-sown” or “volunteers”) fall to the ground, germinate, and the plants reappear next year…and the next…and the next!

But, getting them established can be tricky For instance, it’s important to avoid mulch and herbicides and to be strategic about the best spot for them to flourish year after year. Some cultivars can be planted either in spring or fall, while others bloom best when planted one season or the other. And, since they need enough time to go to seed, make sure you know when to stop deadheading. Generally speaking, the flowers must be completely dry, a good indication that the seeds have sufficiently ripened.