Fall into Spring

Plant Spring Bulbs Now for a Colorful Spring Display!

Many already are saying this winter will be another brutal one. Sigh! Flowering bulbs provide vivid, colorful relief after winter doldrums. Something to look forward to! So, don’t let fall pass you by without planting bulbs for next spring. If you already have bulbs planted from previous years, now is a great time to liven things up a bit with cultivars and colors.


Interplant spring bulbs with perennials and shrubs for a visually rich display! If you want color in your landscape as early as March or April, you need to act now. Bulbs that bloom in the spring are planted the previous fall.

Worried about wildlife eating your bulbs? In my experience, it seems that most animals prefer crocus and tulips bulbs. We use bulbs that are not favored by wildlife so you can enjoy a colorful landscape not only this coming spring, but for many more to come.

Sometimes it’s tricky to determine which bulbs will work well with other landscape features. I’m happy to help you find the perfect mix. Call today for your FREE bulb consultation! 630.257.0277 or email me.

Houseplants on the Move

chairDon’t forget…as the temperature drops, it’s important to bring houseplants indoorsideally before nighttime temperatures fall to 40 degrees. Be sure to check leaves and soil for insects or other stowaways before bringing them inside. And, while you are at it… now is a perfect time to re-pot that houseplant if it’s rootbound or just looking like it needs some elbow room.