Rainbow Garden Designs follows a very specific and detailed Installation Process. You can rest assured you will receive a complete landscape makeover without the worry that details will be overlooked.

Installation Process:

  • Locate utility lines
  • Implement plan – layout bed and turf lines
  • Remove sod in unwanted plant material
  • Amending beds with compost
  • Properly install plant material
  • Proper mulching techniques using proper materials
  • Drip irrigation practices in garden beds

In an effort to keep maintenance at a minimum, we recommend using a drip irrigation system to effectively and efficiently water the newly installed plants. We custom fit each plants watering needs with the layout of the drip lines. Water is delivered exactly where it is needed which is to the roots of the plants. The system is set up on a timer to ease watering needs creating a landscape that is easy to maintain. Today it is more important than ever to use water resources wisely and to irrigate intelligently.