Minimizing Pollen in Your Garden!

Simple Tips for Lessening Pollen in the Garden


At least we can make sure our own backyards are helping, not making matters worse. Here are a few tips to de-allergy your garden.

Girls are Better than Boys! Urban landscapers choose male trees because they don’t mess up the ground with seeds and http:/nas/content/live/rainbowgarddev/ fruit. But, the boys have overwhelmed our air with pollen that only male trees produce. Want less pollen, plant female trees.

Location, location, location. While a small pot or bed of flowers shouldn’t start you sneezing, too many can be…well, too much of a good thing. Plant larger beds further away from your home so you aren’t bombarded with pollen every time you open your windows, and plant at a distance from your outdoor seating areas to keep your gatherings sneeze-free.

Know Who Your Friends Are. Flowers: begonia, cactus, crocus, daffodil, impatiens, iris, lily, pansy, snapdragon, tulip, verbena, zinnia, and hypoallergenic sunflowers. Grass: St. Augustine.

…And Your Enemies. Flowers: amaranth (pigweed), chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, and conventional sunflowers. Grasses: Bermuda, fescue, perennial rye, salt grass, sweet vernal, timothy.