Mouth Watering Beefsteak Tomatoes Start Now!

With a chill in the air and snow on the ground, I know it seems distant…but imagine for a moment, your fruit and vegetable garden bursting with seasonal delights. The scent of fresh basil, the taste of your homegrown tomatoes. Now is the perfect time to start selecting seeds! Personally, I love planting heirlooms. In addition to producing taste budtingling fruits and veggies, they also let us play our part in protecting plant diversity, generation after generation. May I share a few of my favorites?

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Sandy’s Favorite Heirlooms

Tomato: Brandywine Pink (tasty on burgers, in Caprese salads, sandwiches, etc.)

Cucumber: Straight Eight (great in tossed salads and for making cucumber salad)

Beet: Chioggia (looks surpassed only by its sweet taste. Great roasted and marinated, served with feta cheese and chives. Yum!)

Pumpkin: Small Sugar (perfect for Halloween AND eating… it’s the type Libby uses for their pumpkin pie filling)

A Nonheirloom Fave:

Pea: Super Sugar Snap (Sweet and crisp, like eating candy from the garden. The kids don’t need to know it’s good for them!)



Do you need a resource for quality seeds? We like Park Seed, Burpee, and Seeds of Change seed companies.

Go to: Resources on our website and scroll down to the Seed section. Click on the icon and order your free catalog today!