Quick Tips for Saving Time, Effort, and Money in the Garden

Five Reasons to Take Cover

hosta-leavesHave a spot where grass won’t grow or is hard to maintain? Tired of paying for mulch every year? Living groundcovers are as brawny as they are beautiful. And now is the best time of year to plant them. Need another reason? Here are five!

  1. Very low maintenance. Many varieties are happy in the shade, drought-resistant and/or require very little attention.
  2. Boost visual interest in your garden.
  3. Deter weeds.
  4. Prevent erosion.
  5. Weans your garden from the annual “mulch” habit.

Let Rainbow Garden Designs help determine how much groundcover you need for the spaces you’d like to fill. We can also help match the best ground cover for your garden’s sun exposure, soil, drainage, and recommend colors to complement what’s already growing.


tractorMany of us were raised to believe that deep tilling was good for the soil and beneficial to plants. It’s not. It’s actually harmful.

Healthy soil is alive with organisms that rely on each other to thrive. Deep tilling (for instance with a roto-tiller) tears up fragile organisms and the “webs” that connect them. Repeated deep tilling also compacts soil making it more difficult for seedlings to sprout. Eventually, deep tilling will cause your soil to die and stop producing.

It’s ok to use a hoe or viagra online canadian pharmacy paypal pitchfork to turn the first inch or so of soil. It’s also fine to moderately aerate. But for the health of your soil, please, no deep slicing and dicing.

So, you are probably wondering, “If I don’t till the soil, how can I establish my vegetable garden in what is now an overgrown plot of grass and weeds?”

Step 1. Trim back any overgrowth down to ground level.

Step 2. Dig holes or rows where you will establish your seeds or seedlings.

Step 3. Mix a bit of soil and compost with your seeds/seedlings in the hole/row.

Step 4. Throughout the growing season, continue weeding around the established plants.

Step 5. In the fall, cover the garden with a mixture of grass clippings and leaves (ground up leaves are best) – and enjoy the “fruits of your labor” next season!