RGD Newsletter April 2013 Volume 4 Issue 4

Brighten up your landscape with…

slide2…one of our favorite spring flowering trees – a Prairie Fire Crab tree. It has vibrant color, a rounded habit, discount viagra canada and is disease resistant. It blooms dark pinkish-red in May making a statement in the landscape! The fruit persists (which means it is bred to stay on the tree and not fall off) and attracts birds. The foliage is burgundy making it a popular selection.

The Prairie Fire Crab comes both in multi-stem form and single stem. Do you want to add one or two to your home or work surroundings? We can help you with that! Send us an e-mail at: info@rainbowgardendesigns.com or call 630.257.0227 today! You too can enjoy this beautiful tree every spring and be the envy of the neighborhood!

No Pruning Allowed!

leavesNo pruning this month. April starts the swings in temperatures and they continue through the month of May. This can be harmful to plants that are newly pruned. Pruning stimulates growth. If the plant starts to grow and the cold, freezing temperatures return, the plant can die. Here’s how it works:

Plants are 90% water. Once a plant comes out of dormancy, it hydrates itself. If temperatures fall below freezing, the water in plant cells will freeze. When water freezes, it expands. The expanding water will cause the plant cell wall to explode therefore causing death to the plant.

Spring is the optimal time for planning new features and adding new plants to your landscape. Here are some of our client comments from last year’s installations: “I LOVE the gardens! Your design is beautiful! You made our yard look amazing! I’m a very satisfied customer” says Rose in Carol Stream.

Call us today to schedule your personal one-on-one landscape consultation (630)257-0227.