RGD Volume 4 Issue 3

Brighten up your landscape with…

leaves…cold tolerant colorful Pansies! Add a splash of color to your landscape and bring the life back to your yard after a long, cold winter! Pansies thrive in cool temperatures. Plant them in your containers and in your annual garden beds.

They come in colors that are perfect for spring… all shades of purples, pinks, yellows, whites, and blues. You can find pansies in pastel colors for a soft, delicate display or bright colors for a big punch of color to offset the drabness of the late winter/early spring garden. Let’s  think spring! Send us pictures of Pansies in your garden!

No Clean Up Allowed!

leavesOn the warm days of March, don’t jump the gun and get out in the garden to do cleanup. Those leaves piled up around the base of your plants are protecting the root systems from the freeze/thaw cycles of spring which help prevent the plants from heaving from the ground. The leaves also help moderate soil temperatures. So save your energy for next month at this time!

Spring is the optimal time to plan for adding new features and plants to your landscape. We have been creating rainbows in client’s gardens for over 10 years. Our low maintenance approach to plant design saves you money!

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