Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Spurn the Burn

Last year, I noticed evergreens from all over that suffered winter burn or winter killevergreen leaves that turn brown or die following a cold and windy winter. The cause? Those wicked winter winds dehydrate plant tissue. The good news is winter burn often can be prevented, or at least, its severity can be minimized. It’s all about keeping the plants moist through the winter.



The key is to go into winter with your evergreens completely hydrated. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had a http:/nas/content/live/rainbowgarddev/ soaking rain so thoroughly watering your evergreens now is key to protecting them from drying out and suffering from winter burn or even worse dying.

Click here for tips on preventing winter burn.

Hunkering Down for Winter

A few more “to-dos” to protect your garden against the chill.

  1. hunkeringIf you’ve planted spring bulbs, cover them with leaf mulch or evergreen boughs.
  2. Protect young or vulnerable trees from winter wildlife by wrapping the trunk base with wire.
  3. Cut back perennials that have succumb to frost to ground level. (Be sure to leave Sedum, dwarf Asters, and ornamental grasses standing for winter interest). Plant material can be added to your compost bin unless you see mold or pest eggs. When in doubt, throw it out.
  4. Do rake your leaves off lawn areas to prevent mold and fungal diseases from developing. Using a mulching mower to chop up leaves so they can return to the earth will feed your soil and the entire soil network of microbes working behind the scenes all feeding and benefiting your plants for next spring.
  5. Mulch your garden beds in the fall, when they need it most, to protect your plants from the freeze/thaw cycles of winter and spring.
  6. Preparing roses for winter is tricky depending upon what type of rose you have. Most roses benefit from ground up leaves being mounded at the base of the plant for added protection.

Have any other winter preparation questions? We’re happy to walk you through the process. Just contact us at or call 630.257.0227.

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